Hänschenklein, Gers

Hänschenklein began with her owner to be a person not as happy as she would like to be. Her biggest dream has always been to do professionally something she loved, where even on a Monday morning she would go lively to work.
Her father was a gynecologist and his mother a nurse, making her fall in love with everything that was related to children. As soon as her friends became parents, she began to take consciousness of the common discontent that existed related to the baby carriers, the slings “Made in China” and its very unattractive designs.
It was then she began to create a baby carrier that was timeless, exclusive but accessible and combining style with convenience.
The philosophy of Hänschenklein is to carry your child is a wonderful way that everyone knows, enjoying all the advantages of a hands free kit!
HÄNSCHENKLEIN® manufactures in Germany, supporting small family businesses that are involved in the process of creating our products.


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Wild Slings

Who’s behind all this? A photographer, designer and tattoo artist. An animal lover, vegetarian, heavy sound enthusiast… But above all, a father of three wonderful children, an activist who uses babywearing and a supporter of parental attachment.
Everything he love has become an inspiration to create the Wild Slings. This is the world’s first slings design studio that enshrines proximity, expressive design and ecological. Wild Slings uses only the highest quality ethical and certified materials. Wild Slings means: original designs created with passion of a father for conscious modern parents and their children. Nature-friendly and wild.


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Mumma ETC.

Mumma ETC. recognizes that this whole mumma thing is complicated enough, so they have a mission to make everything a little easier – back to basics, although it’s all less basic.
Whether you’re a mommy who likes to explore with your little guy, a coffee with her friends, or a stroll on the beach, Mumma ETC has the solution for you.
It’s goal is to create pieces that look great, keep the parenting minimum but let you educate with style. Say goodbye to the bulky baby accessories that hinder the good outfit!
This is what they had in mind when they started creating their products: A beautiful ring sling that perfectly matches the wardrobe and lifestyle you wear. Something that matches your outfit instead of ruining it. Something that allows you to go out and walk in record time and the amount of times you want. Something that is so easy, elegant and convenient for mom as comfortable, safe and nutritious for the baby.

WE ARE MUMMA ETC. Made by mothers for mothers, of all kinds.


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Weird Slings

Weird Slings is made up of people who love textiles and are passionate about yarn. His drawings have been in their heads (or drawers) for a long time, so they decided to put them in a baby carrier. The comfort and low price are the main objective, but also the ecological and fair trade is something that worries them. Their backpacks are made of… Bottles! Yes, the bottles that are recycled and then transformed into thread. The fabric is not as good as cotton, but in their opinion it’s fairer to reuse this plastic that floats around the world. No chemical is used in the drying process of the yarn (and that is why they can use it with OEKO TEX certificate.)


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SleepyNico is an award-winning baby brand based on the Suffolk/Norfolk border. This brand designs, creates and sells a beautiful selection of baby carriers, as well as various accessories. All of the chargers are manufactured in the UK by dedicated seamstresses and tested according to British safety standards.
The SleepyNico carriers started being manufactured in London more than ten years ago, when two mothers with similar ideas (both with children named Nico) designed a baby carrier that combined simplicity and beauty. Now the business is managed by a mother of two children, Angeline, who bought her a sling when her first daughter was still small and loved the product so much that she ultimately bought the company. Angeline’s vision helped make SleepyNico a leading brand in the UK.
In 2016, the business won two silver prizes, in the “Prima Baby and Toddler Awards and Gentle Parenting Awards” and was among the Top 10 of the leading sling manufacturers sorted by “Sling Librarians.” It was also named as one of the Future50 high-growth organizations – the 50 organizations headquartered in East Anglia.
SleepyNico wants families to spend time together and enjoy the proximity and freedom that their child carries. They are a British brand that lives on the imagination of their customers.


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Website: https://sleepynico.com/


The Mamaruga brand was born from the need of its creator to add the ‘rainbow ‘ to the world of baby clothes. They always loved to create pieces full of colors, passion, love, tranquility and exclusivity. And these ingredients were what made their baby carriers special.
Mamaruga is a wonderful family creation. This beautiful family is in love with baby clothes. They love to do yoga and read children’s books. Having an affinity for children, animals and nature. They love taking pictures of people and cooking sweets on a cloudy and windy day. It is these precious things that inspire and add a special touch of spice to your life.
This is a so precious journey to them, because they can share their time and meet extraordinary people who give their work meaning. They love to help grow local economies and believe in the creation of products with low environmental impact.
For them the use of the loader is really the art of creating strong bonds, making the adult reenjoy his true self and enjoying every minute with his baby. This shows us that everything is connected and that is why we must live, breathe together in conscience. As their carriers are tested and approved by mothers and babies, you can be absolutely sure that they will be super cozy and offer unforgettable moments.


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Since 2010, Buzzidil has been the pioneer innovative and sustaining baby carriers. Buzzidil was the first to create, in June 2010, an evolutionary fullbuckle, where the seat width and height of the panel could be adjusted to the baby’s growth. All Buzzidil (Fullbuckle Buzzidil, Onbuhimo BuzziBu and Wraptai Wrapidil) baby doors can be perfectly tailored to small and large babies.
Their motto is “Baby Safety, freedom for parents.”
Buzzidil values fair production and ecological materials manufactured in Europe. They give importance to easy placement and comfortable transport: both front, back and hip carries.
In 2016, they launched the Wraptai – the baby carrier for babies from 0 to 4 years.
In 2017, they launched a new trend for a hybrid baby carrier, BuzziBu. BuzziBu is an onbuhimo that can be transformed into a backpack at the speed of light.


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Website: https://www.buzzidil.com/de/


The history of LIMAS began when two people on the other side of the world met and fell in love. When Anna saw her future husband Philipp for the first time, during a semester of interchange in China in 2009, her heart hit hard. It was love at first sight.
In 2012, already in Germany, they were married and, two years later, the first daughter Lili Marie (later Miss LI-MA-S) was born. Lili loved to be carried, so they decided to take a babywearing appointment for a better accompaniment. Anna always liked to be in touch with her daughter and the countless benefits of carrying her.
Therefore, she informed herself about the use of a baby carrier, and tested different ones. She felt so good that she had just wanted to inspire other parents and decided to take a course to become a consultant. She decided with her mother’s help, to create a baby carrier that would meet her desires and her baby to feel at home in it. Then they made a baby carrier for a friend who had just had her second child. And then they made one more, and another, and another… Until one day, her midwife asked her if she could have a baby carrier sewn by them. At first, they kept all the carriers in their room. When space started to get scarce, they moved into Grandma’s basement. But soon it began to get very tight and the family car had to temporarily leave the garage to free space for the LIMAS and from that moment on they had to look for a suitable space for the family business.
In 2017, Laura’ second daughter was born. Laura’s needs and the turbulent everyday life with two small children think of new ideas about how they could develop the LIMAS and adapt it to the individual needs of parents and children. This beautiful family is happy every day, because they help to make the daily life of parents and babies, a little more beautiful and relaxed.

Anna with Philipp, Lili and Laura


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Mariblum is a baby clothing company, located in Germany, which was founded by Nicole Puls-Grönda (a babywearing consultant) and her husband Hagen Puls in March 2018. They produce and sell wraps and ring slings made of 100% hemp and dyed only with plants. Hemp is cultivated organic in the EU. Their wraps are sewn in Braunschweig (Germany). Sometimes you can find loops and scarfs in our online store.
Hemp is the strongest natural fiber that exists. Therefore, their wraps can be fine and very stable. This makes them perfect for very small babies, but also for small children. The material adapts perfectly to you and your child. Mariblum slings are already tender when they arrive. But by carrying your baby, they become even smoother. You will certainly notice this effect already in the second use.
Hemp really has many advantages, here are some of them:

  • It absorbs moisture;
  • Has a temperature regulator effect (cool in summer, warm in winter);
  • It’s resistant to mildew stains, molds and other microbes;
  • Hypoallergenic, so they do not cause allergic reactions;
  • It has a very low elasticity;
  • It has the highest tensile strength, dry or damp, of a natural fibre;
  • It’s characterised by a very long lifetime;
  • It produces a high natural UV protection;
  • It’s naturally colorless and do not need to be bleached.

Hemp is a very ecological plant, we would say the most ecological, which does not need pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and little water. Only for comparison: conventional cotton production consumes around 50% of pesticide production worldwide.


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Website: https://www.mariblum.de/