Who We Are

In "Panos travellers" we dedicate ourselves to make known the Babywearing to the largest number of people, making known various baby carriers, brands, blends,
etc. We intend to create the "village", a community of mutual help not only in Babywearing but also in motherhood.

Hello my name is Ana, I am Leonardo's mother my little hacker boy with 15 months. I'm a training anthropologist, a professional cook and a mother in almost all time.
I am part of the organization of Babywearing encounters in my region-Minhot @ s Carregadeir @ s and it is so good to pass the word and see other mothers and fathers so happy to carry.

Hello! I'm Barbara, I'm 27 years old and I'm the first-time mother of Little Alice who has one ring.
I began to participate in more trips, cloths and ring slings and I was more and more passionate about this fantastic world. I ended up buying a rag inside that I could and that accompanied us on vacation. But one's not enough, of course, so I bought one more. And then a Ring Sling… And our journey continues, and hopefully it lasts forever.

Hello! I'm Katie, I'm 29 years old, and I'm the mother
of Noa. You know when it's three o'clock in the morning and your baby sleeps 10 minutes all day and keeps crying? Does that sound familiar? So it was N
oa until almost 17 months ago. Babywearing is always my lifeline, my hands-free kit and my refuge as a mother.

I'm Dulce. Heart Loader mother, babywearing consultant for passion and nurse training.
Even though I love rags, I love what I bear more than what it is and what it represents for us and for our babies, a bond of love, empathy, mutual knowledge.

Hello, I'm Fatima I am 28 years old, mother of the small (big) daisy. With the newly completed one year of life, we join this project and we will show you how babywearing came to create easier and more practical walking moments with a lot of collet.
For me the babywearing is lap, love, affection, availability, proximity and complicity. As long as I can and Marguerite will let me carry the great love of my life.

Hi, I'm Inês, I'm 33 years old, I'm Simon and Alicia's mot
her. I started in babywearing when Alicia had 2 weeks to live and since then we don't want anything else and try to try it all. I love my hands free Kit!!

Hello! I'm Libânia, I'm 30 years old and I'm little Erik's mother.
I discovered the babywearing still during pregnancy (only knew the Marsupios and little more) and at that time I bought my first sling of rings, which followed me to the maternity!  Si
nce then I have been learning more and more about the babywearing and by the way I met a wonderful community of mothers and fathers who love the proximity that carry the children provides!

Hello my name is Luciana, I am mother of Alexandre, a little text with 12 months.
Still in the pregnancy I knew I wanted to carry, I didn't even imagine what babywearing w
as. We enter the world of travel and experience our first cloth, a simple Yaro BT33 and we are totally surrendered, both the mother and the small.

Hello loaders, I am Marta, I am 33 years old and I am Vasco's mother with 9 months.
Nowadays Vasco sees a rag and wants to jump to my lap!! All this made me an enthusiastic mother for the BBW and want to learn a lot more every day! The B
BW is wonderful in our day-to-day and I've even been returning my baby stroller! Vacations are always with BBW. We're relieved!

Hi, I'm Sylvia, I'm 30 years old and Yara who is now almost 2 years old, is my companion of babywearing. 
We adhere to Babywearing Portugal, buy a ring sling and shortly afterwards a backpack… It was love… Carry so, next to us, do things from home, walks, go to the doctor… It was all so simple, even raining! Until the day we went on a date… We carry on the back, we carry on the cloth (Yes Shorty 1, 50m can use cloth!!!) We met… And then the travelers was a push of a certain transmontana/earthworm that walks here!